Elliott Consultancy is a Christchurch based network organisation, specialising in Human Resources systems design, policies, procedures and implementation; Culture change; Competency design; Change Management; Training,Redundancy/outplacement, Workplace learning; Performance enhancement services, Retention strategies; Mediation; Counselling and Coaching.

The important focus is on the performance development, enhancement and well-being of the people in any sized business, not-for-profit, Government or non-Government organisation.

Why Mediate?


Because it works. Plain and simple.

Mediation allows reason to rule where reactivity has reigned. It offers both parties the breathing room of objectivity.

The presence of a skilled neutral changes negotiating dynamics in a critical way. The mediator helps the parties to keep the negotiation focused and framed positively, and to consider their positions and interests more objectively and realistically. In most negotiations both parties can reasonably expect a faster and higher quality outcome from the engagement of a competent, suitable mediator.

Mediation provides a process, and the space to move toward understanding and acceptance of the truth as each party sees it, without wallowing in ‘blame’. Often, just to hear how conflict has impacted each personally; their loved ones and their business, the loss of peace of mind and enjoyment of life, points to a simpler way forward for both parties. In point of fact, there is a double win possible; a win for each party. Truth-telling in safe circumstances can lead to a recognition of each other’s humanity; allowing them to appreciate realities in a more immediate, empathetic way.

To hear and be heard has proven to be the most important aspect of the Alternative Dispute Resolution process for many. They report being better able to let go of the conflict. To move on and find mutually workable and acceptable solutions, and this often has ‘better than expected’ outcomes. In turn this leads to repairing previously beneficial relationships, restores peace of mind and, most importantly, reduces the probable fiscal impact of ongoing dispute.

How does it work?

The settlement of a dispute is basically just ‘a deal’.

Mediation is an assisted negotiation and essentially you are your own negotiator. Although mediation has traditionally been used for resolving disputes because it is particularly helpful in managing hostilities, mediation has far wider values in enabling negotiators to do their job on a collaborative, rather than confrontational or positional, basis. Sometimes the best outcome is the simple, open and frank discussion of the matters creating the dispute and the identification of each party’s needs and interests. Then after some consideration parties may meet again to establish an agreement. This maybe with their respective lawyers or with the mediator and their lawyers.

It is important to note that the High Court and District Court ‘Rules for Lawyers’ require that they advise their clients of the alternatives to litigation, to enable the client to make an informed decision regarding the resolution of their dispute. If you are accompanied by counsel, ensure your counsel comes to the mediation as a collaborative solution provider first, as your adviser second, and as your advocate third. Be quite aware that this may not be how your lawyer sees it.

Mediators have a tool kit of techniques at their disposal.

For example, ‘Interest-based’ negotiation happens when the parties focus on their needs and interests, more than on their respective positions. Thereby enabling them to achieve more creative options for mutual gain. It is a more collaborative, and less combative, experience aimed at maximising value from the negotiating table.

One of the most important fundamental principles underpinning good mediation is Confidentiality. It promotes free and frank discussion between the parties safe in the knowledge that views expressed in mediation cannot be used against them should the dispute not resolve by mediation. i.e. Anything that occurs during mediation is confidential, and cannot be referred to in any subsequent review or Court proceedings.

Benefits of ADR

Success and satisfaction rates very high. (IMI reports 80% chance of success.) The reason for this is that when parties are in a situation where they all feel empowered to negotiate effectively, and achieve their needs, they generally succeed in doing so. Mediation provides that empowerment.

Judiciaries embrace ADR as a time and cost effective process.

Court schemes to engage ADR increasing.

Puts the parties involved in control. A process of true equality; equal power, equal time, equal treatment, equal support, equal opportunity.

Mediator treats all parties equally, with fairness, respect and equality.

Flexible and informal.

Saves time and money.

It is confidential. Only the agreement, if reached, is enforceable in Court.

Helps parties deal with emotion. These are often more vital to resolve than the original matter of the dispute

Maximises possibilities of agreement.

Prevents escalation out of control.

Contracts usually require mediation prior to litigation. Contractual clauses that include a mediation step enable both sides to avoid any perceived weakness that may be implicit in a proposal to mediate, and represent good preventative lawyering/contracting.

The earlier, the better. If there is a dispute, tensions tend to escalate over time, making settlement harder to achieve the longer negotiation is delayed. Agreements can become harder to facilitate when parties become entrenched in their positions.


Elliott Consultancy is a Christchurch based network organisation, specialising in Human Resources - systems, design, policies and procedures and implementation- Change Management Training and performance enhancement services, Mediation - Counselling and Coaching.

With more than 20 years experience we effectively offer a fully outsourced HR department.

Phillippa Elliott is the founding consultant.
She is also a founding partner in ABA - Affiliated Business Advisors - Christchurch and Auckland
Strategic Partner with:
Farsight Global - Christchurch
Essential HR - Christchurch
QED Services - Auckland

Through these strategic alliances with professional colleagues we undertake and cooperate in shared ventures ensuring a cost effective range of workplace interventions and human resources consulting services.

Who is Phillippa Elliott
Past President - for the New Zealand Association for Psychological Type - NZAPT - (MBTI)
Past National President - for the New Zealand Association for Training and Development - NZATD
Accredited Mediator - LEADR
Certified Counsellor - CAC, in Addictions Counselling
Qualified MBTI Practitioner
Certified Coach
Certified Business Mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand - BMNZ

Bound by the following Codes of Ethics:

LEADR - Accredited Panel Member
NZAPT - (as above)
HRINZ - Member - Human Resources Institute NZ
DAPAANZ - Member - Drug and Alcohol Practitioners Association Aotearoa NZ

Our Clients Include:
Allied Press - Dunedin
Air New Zealand
Cottrell Law - Now Meares Williams
Hatherly Loughnan
Harvey - Kent Prier - now Ray White Real Estate
Hellers Ltd
ICG Consulting Group
Instep Limited
McConnell Dowell
Mount Cook Airlines
Pacific Brands NZ
Parisian Neckware Co Ltd
Precision Training
PPCS - now Silver Fern Farms Ltd
Pulse Business Solutions
Trader Group Ltd
Training Solutions Plus - formerly Champagne Consultants

Virgin Australia  New Zealand (VANZ)
Williams Hickman Electrical Ltd

Public Service
Department of Corrections
Department of Internal Affairs
Housing Corp NZ
Land Information NZ
Ministry of Health
Canterbury Museum
International Public Service
Western Samoa Public Services

SME - Small to Medium Enterprises
Canterbury Development Corporation - Client Training and Mentoring

About Face
H W Munns Ltd
Lighting Direct
Stewart Dawson - Pascoes
Mods Hairdressing
Nicola Quinn Beauty & DAy Spa - Pro Beauty Ltd
Retailers Association


Anxiety Support Canterbury

Age Concern
Hanmer Clinics - now Care NZ
Battered Women's Trust
Cholmondeley Children's Home
Pegasus Medical
Templeton Hospital
Queenstown Airport Corporation
Waimari School


ELLIOTT CONSULTANCY  -  Phillippa Elliott CAC.

18 years business mentor for Business Mentors NZ – services focused on employment, contracts, contractor agreements, managing staff and self management, establishing performance criteria and managing outcomes. One of BMNZ’s highest performing mentors for 5 years. Reviewer for evaluation criteria, and certification training for mentors.

South Island Change Manager and acting National Change Manager for a Government department, downsizing, restructuring work/roles/premises, 200 + redundancies. MBTI for entire South Island staff to facilitate stress and self management, training for new roles, preparing cv’s and interview skills, team leader appointment and development (3years)- Received HRINZ Award for Best New Zealand Change Management Project 2000.

National retail chain Human Resources Managing Consultant – 5 year project.
Developed all HR policies and procedures, performance development, training and management systems “….strategy of devising a system that allowed managers to encourage and develop people to become high performers and then retain them.” Phillippa developed “from scratch and rolled out the competency system. The competencies revolve around behaviours we want to see which are linked into our core values.”

“Over time we found the competency system delivered many things: it has created an environment where management can communicate competently with employees in a non-threatening way to achieve changes: given us the opportunity to reward those who embraced the same values as ours and demonstrated the behaviours that ensured the success of the Company; helped create a culture of high performance: an opportunity to deal with performance and behaviours that fell below our standards. We also found a few challenges on the way. Managers’ initial reactions were “we already talk to them on the floor”, acceptance and understanding like any change took time. When they first undertook to do the competencies they all rushed through the initial process as they were not used to talking about things in such depth, coaching took care of this and a more comprehensive workshop was delivered to train Managers.

The results and benefits from the past four years have been nothing but outstanding: problems in the branches have reduced dramatically: we now have linked pay rises to passing competencies which has stopped individuals demanding CPI increases or tenure increases on unmeasured performance: new team members ‘catch’ the culture quicker: from the recruitment stage employees are consistently impressed by the ongoing commitment to learning (we have had people choose us over others simply because we are organised and have a system); our teams now have a voice and the confidence to check superiors behaviours if they don’t align with Company values: it is easier and quicker to see that a team member doesn’t fit in; in employment disputes we have successfully shown through this system solid evidence proving we did everything possible to help the employee.

We have also found some of our people on completing the competencies advance to start tertiary equivalent qualifications; we now receive letters monthly acknowledging individual’s service which is directly attributable to the competencies; our employee turnover is below the industry standard, (and a number who have left for more money and titled roles have come back to ‘decent systems and respect for people and the work they do,) and finally the teams in the branches have a lot of fun being high performers .”
Overall, we have moved a long way towards achieving our mission through our systems, of which the competencies are the backbone.”  
P. Lucas- Director H W Munns Ltd

Employee Assistance Programme Professional – delivering counselling services, redundancy workshops, career change, personal change, stress and performance counselling, since 1995.

Certified Addictions Counsellor, (very useful in recognising performance issues and coping behaviour problems).

Qualified Myers Briggs Type Indicator professional – leadership, teams, communication, stress and change tool, for one-on-one or workshops. Excellence management development and coaching tool and process.

Post redundancy self and career reassessments for the past 20 years – individual and organisational

Training and development written and delivered more than 20 different workshops predominantly focused on workplace performance, change, customer service and relationships. Trainer for: First Line Management Levels 3 and 4 – NZQA unit standards – assessor also. Kiwi Host Customer Service programme, and co facilitator for Turning Point -   personal and organisational development workshop.  

Former National President for the New Zealand Association of Psychological Type (MBTI/ Jungian models)

Former National President – four terms – New Zealand Association for Training and Development



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