Choice, consequence or crisis?

Change by choice (usually called positive or self selected change) still produces both up and down sides, and therefore a similar series of reactions as imposed change, albeit over a more condensed time frame. The unifying principle of change is improvement. It is the transition through the change cycle, which produces the difficulties for ourselves, our teams, and our organisation.

Rarely, is there only one area of change impacting on us at any given time. All too often there are a series of changes, adjustments, refocusing and demanding more of our individual resources and resilience than we have available.

Talking change through at any stage is vital. Sometimes it’s only when the impact is felt that we seek support and understanding, other times planning, preparation and execution are all strengthened, and resourced by dealing with experienced, knowledgeable and understanding professionals right from the outset.

Planning change? or suffering the exhaustion of too many changes……… at Elliott Consultancy we have the resources to help.