Management Development


“Don’t leave your management development to chance….”

The trouble with good intentions to develop your managers alongside yourself or existing managers is that rarely does this development occur or yield the results envisaged. Intending to develop your Managers on the job results in them learning the problems, limitations and all too frequently the bad practices of the business and the people in it. They can’t help you plan and perform for the future with this old thinking and problem/past experience focus.

Seek first to understand…..” For Team Leaders, Supervisors, Assistant or Duty Managers, whatever is your term for the developing level of management in your organisation, it is essential these developing managers know and understand themselves, have some skill and means to communicate and understand others, and the self motivation to role model the business performance standards and expectations.

Whether you want one-on-one, management coaching, mentoring or group management development workshops Elliott Consultancy is skilled, experienced and resourced to develop your management people.