Strategic Planning


The popular saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail” was never truer in establishing and reviewing this vital road map for any organisation, business or individual.
An important question for organisations -is “How do people and performance feature in your strategic plan?”
From strategic and business plans for SME’s to strategic planning for national organisations and associations, our experience with factoring in your people and performance facets is strong and diverse. The strategic objectives can most effectively be accomplished when your people are factored in, and on board with the delivery of these strategic objectives.

Current talent due diligence of the people and roles in the organisation after your Strategic Planning session shows where the strengths and weaknesses in the critical performance, resources and skills will enhance or hamper these objectives. This talent due diligence review provides a level of career planning and role enhancement frequently overlooked by Strategic planning initiatives.

Whether it’s a first time strategic plan with the exploration and creation of the all important Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategic Objectives, or a Strategic review of the existing Vision, Mission leading to the next series of strategic objectives,  there is evidence that recommends the use of an external facilitator for this critical process. The depth of cooperation and collaboration achieved with the use of an external facilitator results from freeing the planning from any internal agendas which often dominate and sabotage in-house facilitation.