Workplace Relationships


With the best will in the world we don’t get on with everyone.
When personality clashes, conflict and stressful behaviours remain ignored and unaddressed – it is as if they are condoned by senior management, the culture is undermined, values and standards compromised.These behaviours then become the norm and form the basis of some management behaviours, and even accepted management styles. MBTI offers an excellent non-technical understanding of the differences between individuals, especially those in the workplace who have little in common to form a unifying bond or commitment.

MBTI has proven valuable in understanding differing responses to stress, change, conflict and communication styles, all factors that can damage morale, productivity and even individual safety in the workplace.

Unsuccessful internal applicants can become some of the most subtly negative influences on workplace relationships. MBTI team and coaching resources have provided effective realignment and reintegration back into the team for these often hurt and anxious employees.

From effective impartial discussion with one or both parties to a mediated meeting for all parties concerned, through to full debriefing for Team Leaders and Managers, and team or workplace workshops, Elliott Consultancy offers skill and expertise gained in a variety of environments and circumstances to facilitate such workplace relationship breakdowns.