“Competencies in service of the customers and the organisation are a really powerful business tool!” Paul Green

A core competency is a unique bundle of technical & behavioural know-how that is central to the organisation’s purpose. Core competencies provide: a unique competitive advantage; result in perceived value by customers/clients; and are difficult to imitate. They require a substantial commitment of time and resources to develop. however, once in place, core competencies offer the organisation a dramatic opportunity to out-perform their competition.

Customer quotation/ testimonial:

The competencies (for our organisation) revolve around behaviours we want to see which are linked into our core values……. Overtime we found the Competency System delivered many things: – created an environment where Managers can communicate competently;- where Managers have the tools and framework to achieve changes in a non-threatening way:- gives the opportunity to reward those who embrace our values and demonstrate the behaviours that ensure the success of the Company;- helped create a culture of high performance;- provided a bias-free trusted format and opportunity to deal with performance and behaviour that falls below our standards.

We now receive letters monthly acknowledging individual service which is directly attributable to the competencies.  Our employee turnover is significantly below the industry standard, and a number of staff who left for better pay or advanced roles, subsequently returned because they valued the communication standards and performance acknowledgment .” P. Lucas. Director. HW Munns Ltd.