Conflict Resolution


MBTI Conflict Resolution, Alternative Dispute Resolution and formal Mediation

Workshops on Conflict – understanding and seeking resolution whether for a team, a whole workplace or between colleagues or couples continue to be one of the most insightful applications of MBTI. So often stress and conflict are the explosive combination of communication, interpretation and expectations clashing.
Gaining the understanding that the other party is not “doing it on purpose” to deliberately cause upset, but being true to their own needs and preferences, has saved many relationships and provided better processes for team functioning and performance.
The appreciation of different processes which are in effect, naturally opposites, is a valuable part of understanding and using the unique and insightful contributions offered by these differences. 

For some Managers/team leaders the very idea of conflict is distressing, and can seem as if they are failing in their leadership role. There are positive aspects of circumstantial conflict, however, if the leader is averse to conflict in any form, the positive energy and ideas of conflict can be squashed and wasted.

Prolonged, unresolved conflict in any environment is draining. With the understanding and resources offered by these workshops or mediated sessions, this energy is then available to be positively applied back in the relationship or on the tasks required.

LEADR accredited Mediator, Phillippa Elliott.