Random Testing Services


For peace of mind, for performance management, as part of the Rehabilitation Agreement for valued personnel, as part of the post-treatment intervention, for Executives under extreme business and performance pressures, or  as an individually requested management intervention. Whatever the reason random testing is  required, Elliott Consultancy can pre-book, advise and report failure or re-test only results.

The retention  of valued and frequently particularly high achieving personnel, or good reliable knowledge workers who are often influential examples in the workplace, can be stabilised and enhanced by this very reassuring, confidential monitoring procedure.

Processes are linked to your Alcohol and Drug Policy, including the completion of any rehabilitation, treatment and future testing agreements. Occasionally executive staff have self-selected this confidential monitoring regime either with or without the support of their employers, partners, etc.

When considering or undertaking a Random Testing programme talk to Elliott Consultancy in total confidence.