Leadership is a mutli-facetted concept. We talk of personal leadership, as the combination of drive, motivation, self management and emotional maturity, and then there’s leadership as the beyond management level of leadership. This is much more complex and subject to organisational definition and expectation.

Which ever aspect of leadership you are developing intrapersonal or interpersonal, the first challenge is to know oneself, communication styles, resilience, how to manage ones emotions, moods and impulses, deal with change, and then how to do all of this when others are experiencing the same challenges also. The interpersonal skills of leadership include seeking and giving feedback, building rapport, persuading and influencing others, demonstrating energy and commitment, all in all being a role model.

Psychological type is a holistic model of human beings. It assumes the presence of many gifts that that can be more consciously accessed, and it is therefore an ideal model for exploring and developing leadership at every level.

Whether this exploration is for yourself, an individual in the team, or your whole team, our experience and resources can facilitate this vital development process, or explore what it means within your culture and organisation.