Change Management

CHANGE MANAGEMENT WITH MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)

MBTI- Change Management

Facilitation of a national change programme, change management workshops, and individual change management processes have all been undertaken using self-understanding from MBTI as the starting point. Further change anchoring programmes based on Type in the workplace have been designed and implemented.

The validation of varied approaches and different requirements for individuals going through an organisational change process, in particular, has proven invaluable. There can be a tendency for behaviours to become polarised during change as some individuals get right into the change programme and others feel isolated and invalidated because they can see problems, and things that haven’t either been well thought through or well communicated.
MBTI provides a respectful and reliable tool upon which people can build, explore and develop through the challenge of change.

Workshop feedback

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“Excellent day. Wealth of knowledge made for fantastic discussion.”
“A great workshop. I found the material very useful and readily applicable. Thank  you very much for your engaging and inclusive style.”
“Great day – well worth attending, fantastic, thanks.”