Employee Assistance


Fitness for Work is offered through the association with BSS NZ, an internationally recognised provider of FFW programmes. These programmes cover: Supervision – suitable for Team Leaders, Supervisors both experienced and those new to the role; Alcohol & other Drugs – in the workplace;  and Fitness for Work – Fatigue Management; Stress and Resilience in the workplace.

Everyone has their own workload, responsibilities and concerns to deal with, and that is one of the reason for an employer-funded initiative that helps good people through tough and often distressing times.

Whether it’s counselling, Human Resource support, workplace disciplinary matters, a family meeting, referral to appropriate additional services, or on site support during change, restructure and/or redundancy announcements.

One-on-one and workshop services are available for:
Change management
Skills audits – for job reapplication/redesign
Career transition
and    Well being and performance through change initiatives.

A comprehensive range of services and resources is available, and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of each organisation and/or individual.