MBTI in coaching


Certification in Life Coaching was completed to enhance the counselling and employee assistance services offered by Elliott Consultancy.
What is Life Coaching? and how is it different from any other type of coaching?

Life Coaching is a committed partnership to experience the conscious discovery and deliberate creation of the life you desire to live.
It is a relationship of choice to create a life of balance, passion and growth. The work also explores the beliefs that underpin the successes and failures currently impacting on your life. Life Coaching works with, and challenges, the whole person. This work is unique as most other personal change and development processes work on the physical, and/or mental, or the emotional areas in relative isolation from the rest of the person.

The work of Life Coaching is the conscious integration of all of these aspects of our being, as well as the spiritual or soul aspect of our lives. In this way Life Coaching works with all that you are now, what you already know of yourself and your life purpose, to become all that you choose and work to be in the future you want to create.

In such work MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) offers a proven and ethical framework for self understanding, which is the starting point for a lifetime journey of self -actualisation and fulfillment.