ELLIOTT CONSULTANCY  –  Phillippa Elliott CAC.

18 years business mentor for Business Mentors NZ – services focused on employment, contracts, contractor agreements, managing staff and self management, establishing performance criteria and managing outcomes. One of BMNZ’s highest performing mentors for 5 years. Reviewer for evaluation criteria, and certification training for mentors.

South Island Change Manager and acting National Change Manager for a Government department, downsizing, restructuring work/roles/premises, 200 + redundancies. MBTI for entire South Island staff to facilitate stress and self management, training for new roles, preparing cv’s and interview skills, team leader appointment and development (3years)- Received HRINZ Award for Best New Zealand Change Management Project 2000.

National retail chain Human Resources Managing Consultant – 5 year project.
Developed all HR policies and procedures, performance development, training and management systems “….strategy of devising a system that allowed managers to encourage and develop people to become high performers and then retain them.” Phillippa developed “from scratch and rolled out the competency system. The competencies revolve around behaviours we want to see which are linked into our core values.”

“Over time we found the competency system delivered many things: it has created an environment where management can communicate competently with employees in a non-threatening way to achieve changes: given us the opportunity to reward those who embraced the same values as ours and demonstrated the behaviours that ensured the success of the Company; helped create a culture of high performance: an opportunity to deal with performance and behaviours that fell below our standards. We also found a few challenges on the way. Managers’ initial reactions were “we already talk to them on the floor”, acceptance and understanding like any change took time. When they first undertook to do the competencies they all rushed through the initial process as they were not used to talking about things in such depth, coaching took care of this and a more comprehensive workshop was delivered to train Managers.

The results and benefits from the past four years have been nothing but outstanding: problems in the branches have reduced dramatically: we now have linked pay rises to passing competencies which has stopped individuals demanding CPI increases or tenure increases on unmeasured performance: new team members ‘catch’ the culture quicker: from the recruitment stage employees are consistently impressed by the ongoing commitment to learning (we have had people choose us over others simply because we are organised and have a system); our teams now have a voice and the confidence to check superiors behaviours if they don’t align with Company values: it is easier and quicker to see that a team member doesn’t fit in; in employment disputes we have successfully shown through this system solid evidence proving we did everything possible to help the employee.

We have also found some of our people on completing the competencies advance to start tertiary equivalent qualifications; we now receive letters monthly acknowledging individual’s service which is directly attributable to the competencies; our employee turnover is below the industry standard, (and a number who have left for more money and titled roles have come back to ‘decent systems and respect for people and the work they do,) and finally the teams in the branches have a lot of fun being high performers .”
Overall, we have moved a long way towards achieving our mission through our systems, of which the competencies are the backbone.”  
P. Lucas- Director H W Munns Ltd

Employee Assistance Programme Professional – delivering counselling services, redundancy workshops, career change, personal change, stress and performance counselling, since 1995.

Certified Addictions Counsellor, (very useful in recognising performance issues and coping behaviour problems).

Qualified Myers Briggs Type Indicator professional – leadership, teams, communication, stress and change tool, for one-on-one or workshops. Excellence management development and coaching tool and process.

Post redundancy self and career reassessments for the past 20 years – individual and organisational

Training and development written and delivered more than 20 different workshops predominantly focused on workplace performance, change, customer service and relationships. Trainer for: First Line Management Levels 3 and 4 – NZQA unit standards – assessor also. Kiwi Host Customer Service programme, and co facilitator for Turning Point –   personal and organisational development workshop.  

Former National President for the New Zealand Association of Psychological Type (MBTI/ Jungian models)

Former National President – four terms – New Zealand Association for Training and Development