Career Transition


When faced with this imposed change a lot of distress and anxiety may be triggered in those affected. These responses can seem disproportionate to the events under connsideration. The struggle for good people to understand their own responses requires specialist support and understanding.

Elliott Consultancy offers both individual and group services to work through this challenging process.

Career transition may come about through a very positive promotional or relocation opportunity. Whilst on the surface the expectations are positive there may be major personal, family and community factors to be negotiated and resolved.

Career transition services include:

  • Analysis and review of transferable skills
  • Professional CV/ resume preparation – This phase of Career transition often responds well to group workshops, where a safe group environment provides the appropriate place to vent feelings of rage, hurt, betrayal and fear.
  • Covering letters
  • Job seeking strategies
  • Interview preparation and presentation
  • Coaching and goal setting
  • Career Planning – life/work path review and redirection

All of this applies under the circumstances of elected redundancy and applications external to the current employer and parts only will be useful in applying for new opportunities both within and transfer to retain a position with a current employer.