Business personnel


Whether it’s a small/medium-size business, a not-for-profit organisation, a team or section of a larger business or organisation the introduction of new management personnel rarely yields the envisaged response or results quickly.

The introduction of new personnel is one of the most widely mishandled haphazard business actions. The manager rarely has the best idea of the ‘fit’ needed for new team members, and the introduction of new managers, especially in new management roles is most often greeted with skeptisism and resentment.  Where there is an internal career path and promotion policy it is critical to use this to the fullest extent before seeking external candidates. Resistance from unsuccessful internal candidates, and staff mistakenly loyal to the unsuccessful candidates tends to sabotage and obstruct performance and success. New management require more specific induction procedures which, when done well, minimise the resistance and risk to the business. The same applies for a change of ownership of an SME.

From the design and implementation of Human Resource and performance systems, specialising in Company culture-oriented competencies recent feedback acknowledged ” New team members ‘catch’ the culture quicker.” This is the key to getting new people on board and performing with the team.

Greater care with the introduction of all new personnel, at any level of the organisation quickly manages this aspect of the change process. Whether you are introducing a new CEO, Manager or team leader, make sure the envisioned benefits have the greatest chance of being achieved, talk to us we’ll implement this process and guide you and your people through this often mishandled business change.

Make sure this regular ‘change process’ is well handled. Because it is so frequent, in the majority of organisations it is assumed it is done well. Time for a reality check!