There is a wonderful quote which fits here so well. “Relationships are surely the mirror in which you discover yourself.” Kristnamurti. Our relationships are part of our toughest, ongoing learnings in life. To be able to unload, review, critique and explore our relationships; personal, professional / workplace, and in community roles is therapeutic, and a valuable part of our learning and growth. To see repeated patterns, to challenge our thinking, expectations and behaviours, to be assertive and confident about our boundaries, all these relational aspects of our lives need work, and support from time to time.

Conflict in the workplace frequently plays out in the home environment and vice versa. Workplace conflict often responds well to group workshops, and the work with MBTI provides excellent insights into some fundamental human causes of conflict. Unaddressed conflict can bred resentment, anger, rejection and bullying, a series of unacceptable behaviours and consequences in either the home or work environment.