Workplace Discipline


Disciplinary processes are typically hard on all parties. The employee being performance managed, suspended or reinstated after undergoing such a process – is often highly suspicious, stressed and resentful. The Team Leader or Manager addressing such a process and maintaining a high degree of vigilant unbiased observation can be stressed and anxious about managing the perception of fairness as well as performance. All parties to workplace performance management and disciplinary proceedings benefit from unbiased review, facilitated discussion and re-establishment of relationships.

Ongoing perceptions of bias or disadvantage, overproving that changes have been made, or continued performance management, challenge and damage all concerned. An organisational Employee Assistance Programme can help and support the individuals concerned, however, facilitated learnings and agreements do require a joint intervention.

The use of MBTI in giving understanding and expression to some of the stress induced behaviours of the disciplinary process has effectively saved several of our clients from mediated personal grievances.

If you are undergoing or preparing to address a performance and/or disciplinary process, or seek to reintegrate an employee after such a process, we can assist.